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Be sure to know these when choosing door and window hardware accessories

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When choosing hardware accessories, you must follow these three principles and not lose money!


One. The principle of purchasing accessories:

1. Choose good sealing performance, tracking and locking. When you buy it, open and close, pull it a few times, and feel its flexibility and convenience.

2. Choose a flexible lock. When you buy it, you can insert the key several times to see if it is smooth and the switch is tightened. It is not cheap.

3. Choose decorative hardware accessories with good appearance and performance. When buying, it mainly depends on the appearance, electroplating gloss, and whether there are defects in the touch.

Two. How to choose door and window hardware accessories?

1. Sealing strip: Since the combination of the door and the door panel is a hard collision between the panels, the instantaneous noise of closing the door is as high as 120 decibels, which seriously affects physical and mental health. Use high-strength sealing strips, the sealing strips will not react with the paint, and ensure that the surface in contact with the paint is smooth. It also has the characteristics of shock absorption, noise reduction, sealing, sound insulation and moisture resistance.

2. Half moon lock: most of the hooks between the fans. Consumers should use stainless steel or aluminum alloy to do better.

3. Hinge: It is required to have the characteristics of high strength, strong carrying capacity, easy disassembly, flexible opening and closing, etc., both muffler and three-prong hinge are applicable.

4. Pulley: bear the weight of each sliding door and window, move horizontally. Consumers should pay attention to the material of the pulley bracket and whether the pulley uses needle bearings or ball bearings when purchasing. Sliding doors should choose heavy-duty door pulleys instead of sliding window pulleys. 


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