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Door & Window Hardware Fittings

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In the construction industry, door & window hardware fittings can be said to be either large or small. When they are small, they are a rivet or a screw. When they are large, they affect the entire building. Only buildings with fully equipped doors and windows can be used normally, and the usual door & window hardware fittings cannot be equipped with doors and windows, and the entire building will also become a dead object and cannot be used normally.


Commonly used door & window hardware fittings include swing handles, crescent locks, two-point locks, hinges (hinge), pulleys, handles, handle locks, core rivets, etc. These are the main accessories necessary for the installation of ordinary doors and windows. The size of the door and window accessories has no effect on the door and window, and the size of the door and window is mainly selected according to the needs.


The use of door & window hardware fittings can be said to be very popular, so it is good to choose the door & window hardware fittings that are suitable for you. If you want to customize and purchase doors and windows or door & window hardware fittings, please choose Dongguan LongWing Hardware Co., LTD.


Dongguan LongWing Hardware Co., LTD. was established in 2003. We have been focus on hardware fittings further processing more over than 16 years, such as architectural hardware fittingfurniture hardware fittingscustomized hardware productsdecorative hardware fittings, vehicle machinery parts. Our company occupies 2400 square meters. The products quality is always keep up with the High standards. Base on more than 10 years of processing experiences for exporting, we are good at making most kind of hardware fittings to get our customer's requests.

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