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Door and window hardware gradually occupy the dominant position of doors and windows

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Door and window hardware has been rising for nearly 10 years. In these years, door and window hardware has gradually been accepted and recognized. Door and window hardware has gradually occupied a leading position in the door and window market. Huang Qi of aluminum doors and windows and curtain walls introduced the metal structure of the China Association of Building Directors Committee In the country, energy-saving windows account for more than 65% of the market share. Door and window hardware can be divided into building door locks, handles, braces, hinges, hinges, door closers, handles, latches, window hooks, anti-theft chains, and induction door opening and closing devices according to their uses. Door and window hardware is a collective term for various metal and non-metal fittings installed on the doors and windows of buildings. Play an auxiliary role when opening and closing doors and windows. The surface is generally plated or coated, which is strong, durable, flexible, economical and beautiful. In recent years, in cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other new buildings, the utilization rate of door and window hardware is 90%. ; Hebei area has 100% of basic aluminum windows, doors and window hardware; Jiangsu and Zhejiang, aluminum windows, 60% to 70% of windows with doors and windows hardware; subtropical areas, with a small proportion. 


In the current door and window market, we can see that many businesses have made signs of door and window hardware. In many buildings, we can see door and window hardware. But there are also some companies fighting price wars. While fighting the price war, some manufacturers use inferior polyvinyl chloride insulation tape as nylon tape. We know that the quality of insulation strips directly affects the quality, quantity and service life of door and window hardware: according to the standard, polyamide insulation strips (PA66 nylon strips) are used for insulation profiles, but a considerable part of the insulation strips used in industrial aluminum profile factories Does not meet the requirements of the standard. Many low-quality and unknown door and window hardware profiles sell for 2,300 yuan per square meter, while real door and window hardware materials sell for 400 yuan per square meter.

Some well-known aluminum profile factories use two kinds of quality insulation strips, high-priced aluminum is made of qualified insulation strips, and low-cost aluminum is made of PVC plastic strips. The tensile strength, heat aging performance and density of the PVC plastic strip of the present invention are very different from the tensile strength, heat aging performance and density of the polyetheramine heat insulation strip. The strength is significantly reduced, and the weather resistance of the window under extreme weather such as high temperature and low temperature is greatly reduced, and it is not easy to fall off.


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