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How do we buy villa doors and windows?

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There will be doors and windows in every household, and how to choose doors and windows for newly renovated villas has stumped many people. There are many types and materials of doors and windows on the market. If you look at the exterior, you can easily buy flashy doors and windows and spend the money.

1. Shop around when choosing windows

The price of windows of the same brand is not exactly the same in each building material market. The price of a certain window brand in the mid-to-high-end building materials market is more than 1,000 yuan, while the price in a mid-to-low-end building materials market is half the price. Therefore, senior designers suggest that when choosing windows, villa owners should also compare prices when choosing windows in the formal building materials market, so as not to waste money.

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2. Choose products from regular manufacturers

First of all, we must choose a regular brand product, and we must pay attention to check whether the manufacturer of the product has a legal production license qualification, and whether the product has the "QS" logo and environmental protection logo. Before installation, pay attention to check whether the window frame sash is regular, whether the joints are firm, whether the glass is intact and whether there are obvious ripples, whether the handles and metal fittings are firm, the surface of the hardware should be delicate and not rough, and the distance between the two glasses should not be less than Whether the 8mm drain hole is blocked, and whether the sealing tape has a pungent smell.

3. Choose float glass for better performance

At the same time, senior designers suggest that villa owners should also choose good glass when choosing windows. Now the exterior windows produced by regular manufacturers mainly use float glass and low-emissivity coated glass. According to experts, float glass is much better than flat glass in terms of heat insulation, heat preservation, light transmission and avoiding visual distortion; low-emissivity coated glass has better quality in terms of heat insulation, heat preservation, light transmission, and UV filtering. Therefore, when replacing external windows, the villa industry mainly considers float glass and low-emissivity coated glass as much as possible.

Fourth, choose windows with heat preservation and energy saving

When purchasing windows, senior designers suggest that villa owners choose windows with good energy-saving and thermal insulation properties. In layman's terms, the function of energy-saving insulation windows is to block outdoor heat in summer to save electricity consumed by air conditioning, which is to save electricity; in winter, keep indoor heat indoors to save energy and costs for heating.


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