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How to choose door and window hardware?

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Door and window hardware is made of heat-insulating door and window hardware profiles and hollow glass. It has the functions of energy saving, sound insulation, sound insulation, dustproof and waterproof. The thermal conductivity of door and window hardware is below 3W/㎡K, which is ordinary doors and windows, and the heating cost is reduced by 30 %, the sound insulation capacity is above 29 decibels, the water tightness and air tightness are good, and both reach the A1 window standard. Door and window hardware is a collective term for various metal and non-metal fittings installed on the doors and windows of buildings. Play an auxiliary role when opening and closing doors and windows. The surface is generally plated or coated, which is strong, durable, flexible, economical and beautiful. Door and window hardware can be divided into building door locks, handles, braces, hinges, hinges, door closers, handles, latches, window hooks, anti-theft chains, and induction door opening and closing devices according to their uses.


1. Profile wall thickness

Generally, most of the products that manufacture doors and windows for the home market and have high material output are products with relatively thin wall thicknesses to reduce costs. The thickness of 1.2mm-1.3mm produced by small manufacturers is lower than the standard, but the standard stipulates that the thickness should be greater than or equal to 1.4mm.

Door and window hardware configuration files are usually divided into 60 series (6 cm), 70 series (7 cm), and the quality of door and window hardware is not good or bad. See what profile series are available, depending on the door and window hardware material , Wall thickness, insulation tape, process, etc.; quiet cells, not very large windows, a series of 60 selected profiles is sufficient, if the front of the battery, floor-to-ceiling windows, high noise insulation requirements for sealing, 70 can be selected Profile series.

2. Supporting accessories

When consulting the price of door and window hardware, we must ask whether it includes the cost of supporting beams, columns, casement hardware, positioners, screens, waterproof glue, polystyrene foam and other auxiliary materials, because many door and window hardware companies have quotations trap. In order to attract customers, they first reduce the unit price, and then make up the difference by charging various auxiliary materials. The cost of these auxiliary materials is usually several thousand yuan, and the total price is not cheap at all.

3. Add sub-frame

The subframe is also called accessory frame and protective frame. The door and window frames are fixed on the wall for installing doors and windows. Generally used for 70 series and below profiles. If the window needs to be covered with a window cover (window bayonet), tiles need to be placed around the window, and the ceiling needs to be placed on top of the window, then an additional frame is needed, because the frame of 70 series and below profiles is relatively narrow, which will hinder the door and window Turn on. The advantage of installing the auxiliary frame is that there will be gaps on both sides of the doors and windows after installation, which is not beautiful. After adding the auxiliary frame, all the gaps can be covered. In terms of function, it is equivalent to the dumb openings of doors and windows, but the addition of auxiliary frames requires a separate charge.

4. Sealing design

Different brand profiles also have different sealing designs, there are three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, or even ten, such as different degrees of sealing design, but the raw materials of the top ten metal door and window profile manufacturers are open to two In order to meet the needs of consumers, the door and window hardware profiles of many domestic manufacturers of door and window hardware have enlarged the track of the internal wear belt, so door hardware companies can wear their own strips, so There have been some so-called sealed series, in theory, more and better insulation seal numbers, but this does not explain the corresponding monitoring and evaluation and the authorities.


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