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The use of door and window hardware accessories

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What is the purpose of door and window hardware accessories? According to the editor’s understanding, the windows of modern buildings are no longer limited to the level within reach of humans. Starting from the requirements of ventilation and heat removal, the height of the window is an important factor in determining the efficiency of ventilation and heat removal, so people invented various openings. Window device. Below, Chang Yi will briefly talk about the use of door and window hardware accessories:

Door and window hardware accessories


Perhaps after aluminum alloys were used in window manufacturing, people developed sliding windows. The sliding window does not have the problem of the stopper at all, because the fixed state of the sash of the sliding window is basically the same when it is opened and closed.

One disadvantage of sliding windows is that they must have at least one fixed fan, which greatly reduces the window area: Another fatal weakness is that they cannot meet the requirements of air tightness and water tightness at all.

The sash fixing points of the sliding window are the upper and lower guide rails, so the wind resistance strength is also very limited. Modern buildings have higher and higher requirements for energy saving and other functions. They have strict requirements on the sealing and heat insulation of windows, air and water tightness, sound insulation and wind resistance, and even the anti-theft level. In order to meet various comprehensive requirements, the inward-inclined and inner casement windows, or European-style windows, were produced.

The window type of modern glass curtain wall building is related to the fixing method of the window frame on the curtain wall. As the glass curtain wall has higher requirements for air tightness, water tightness and wind resistance, the accessories of the curtain wall and windows are developed relatively independently according to the needs.

After understanding these contents, everyone should be more aware of the purpose of door and window hardware accessories! We can also see from this that door and window hardware accessories are an indispensable item in doors and windows.


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