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Something you need to know about glass spider fitting

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Something you need to know about glass spider fitting

The glass curtain wall have an Important accessory,it is glass spider fitting.The point-type glass curtain wall is a brand-new building space structure system combining modern structural technology and glass technology designed by computer. 

The skeleton of the curtain wall is mainly composed of seamless steel tubes, stainless steel rods (or additional cables) and stainless steel claw pieces. After its face glass is perforated at the corners, it is connected to the all-glass curtain wall of the support structure with glass spider fitting. The general glass curtain wall is mostly a flat frame, vertical bar force system structure


The main metal components of the curtain wall all require precision machining by lathe drilling and stamping machine tools, and are produced in batches of factories. The installation accuracy is high and the quality is good. Generally, the aluminum alloy of the glass curtain wall is mostly made on the spot of the electric motor at the construction site. The processing is slightly rough, the accuracy is not high, and the efficiency is low.

The glass used for point glass curtain walls is mostly low-radiation or white tempered insulating glass, and it has a certain effect on solving urban light pollution. The glass specifications are not so strict. The general glass curtain wall often uses coated reflective glass, and the glass size is generally small. 

1.The glass curtain wall connected with the glass spider fitting is transparent in appearance. Since there is no wall, the lighting is good, and the indoor space can be integrated with the outdoor environment.

2. The support structure of the glass spider fitting is diverse, which can meet the needs of different building structures and decorative effects.

3. The glass spider fitting piece is connected by a ball hinge, which has the ability to absorb deformation and has a great guarantee in safety.

Some glass curtain walls will separate metal and glass during installation, which requires the glass spider fitting to be fully sealed. Not only that, the accessories during installation must also be complete, so that the entire glass curtain wall The force is even, and the installation is more compact and beautiful, so that the beneficiaries can enjoy in a safe and beautiful environment.


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