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Principles For Cnc Turning Machining Processing Routes

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cnc turning machining is to change the shape and size of the blank on the lathe, using the rotational motion of the workpiece and the linear or curved motion of the tool, and process it into a product that meets the requirements of the drawing.

The principle of cnc turning machining route is to ensure that the machining quality is great, the routes are shortest.

1. The path of the cutting tool can be changed according to the cutting position during rough turning. For example, when the outer circle of the rough turning is reduced, the cutting method can be used to reduce the number of segments. At both ends of the car, the number of segments can be reduced;

2. When finishing, it is necessary to ensure the machining accuracy of the part. The final machining accuracy of the part is the accuracy after the last machining. The position of the feed and retract should be considered clearly, and the last machining must be completed by one continuous machining.

3. The position of the tool change should be outside the workpiece and fixture. Make sure to touch its parts when changing the tool, and the tool change route should be short.

4. can use the oblique line retraction method; the grooving processing can adopt the path-introduced retraction method; the boring retraction tool can use the shaft -Democratic withdrawal.

The  routes of the cnc turning machining has high requirements for technical personnel to ensure the accuracy of the product and manufacture products that meet customer requirements.

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