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Common Problems in Injection Molding

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The main reasons for insufficient filling are as follows:

1) insufficient resin capacity.

2) insufficient intracavity pressure.

3) The fluidity of resin is insufficient.

4) The exhaust effect is not good.

As improvement measures, we can start from the following aspects:

1) lengthen the injection time to prevent the resin reflux before curing of the gate from filling the cavity due to the short molding cycle.

2) Increase the injection rate.

3) Increase the temperature of the die.

4) Increase the resin temperature.

5) Increase injection pressure.

6) Expanding gate size. The height of the gate should be equal to 1/2-1/3 of the wall thickness of the product.

7) The gate is set at the maximum wall thickness of the product.

8) Set up an exhaust groove (average depth 0.03mm, width 3-smm) or an exhaust rod. It is more important for smaller workpieces.

9) There is a certain buffer distance (about smm) between the screw and the injection nozzle.

10) Select materials of low viscosity grade.

11) Add lubricant.


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