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Construction Hardware supplier | Long Wing

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Dongguan LongWing Construction Hardware supplier:

Dongguan LongWing Hardware co. LTD was established in 2003. We have been focus on hardware fittings further processing more over than 16 years. Our company occupies 2400 square meters.

The products quality is always keep up with the High standards. Base on more than 10 years of processing experiences for exporting. we are good at making most kind of hardware fittings to get our customer's requests. Which also are satisfied by our customers.

Dongguan LongWing Hardware co. LTD also has a professional management team and experienced technical staff. It adopts ERP system in the production and follows the ISO 90012000 quality system . Our company has about 1,00 employees. By long term engaged in hardware production, management and technology innovation. we are an efficient team. With a wide rang of business service, we have own factory. The productions including building fitting, auto parts. The goods export to North America,Europe,Oceania and Southeast Asia. Also we won excellent reputations from our customers. 

Our management idea is concentration, cooperation, strict and honesty. We devote on offering the best services for our customers. Dongguan LongWing Hardware co.  The company is willing to professional, quality products. To provide customers with a win-win goal. 

What is Construction Hardware?

Construction hardware is a general term for metal and non-metal products. It is usually used as a fitting for buildings or structures. Our construction hardware is both practical and beautiful.

What is Construction Hardware

Construction Hardware Types:

Depending on the function. The hardware can be divided into ordinary hardware and special hardware.

Common hardware: hinges, slides, locks, nails, board supports, handles, hangers, door stops, clothes hooks, touch cards, bumper balls and board nails.

According to the setting method: special hardware is divided into kitchen hardware and bathroom hardware.

According to use: furniture hardware series, door hardware series, bathroom hardware series, etc.

Bathroom hardware Includes products used to build and maintain the appearance and decoration of bathrooms.
Door hardware Products used for door decoration, maintenance or any other function belong to door hardware, such as door handles, fasteners, door knockers, etc.
Furniture hardware Used to support the appearance of furniture. Design and durability of those products.
Cabinet hardware The products used to make the cabinet work properly are located under the cabinet hardware. Such as cabinet fasteners, brackets, locks, etc. Cabinet hardware is a small component that enables a cabinet to function properly.
Window hardware Window hardware does not include the window itself. It's a smaller component. Used to install, repair and protect windows. Such as window squeezes, fasteners, handles, etc.

 Construction Hardware Types


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