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Curtain wall hardware design

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1.STH Adjustable Strap Hanger Series

New STH Strap Hanger Series provides outstanding jobsite performance and versatility.

2.PH Purlin Hanger Series

These new hangers facilitate quick installation of purlins between rafters, joists or trusses in post and beam structures.

3.LEHJ Hanger

This innovative structural hardware product is designed to last, while reducing installation time by 50 percent.

4.HA2.5 Hurricane Clip

Introducing high-performance structural hardware that provides best-in-class performance.

5.LDS and MDS Face-Mount Hanger Series

These hangers are engineered to outperform any other comparable face-mount hangers available.

6.TBR24 Truss Spacer/Bracer

This truss spacer/bracer is made with high-strength steel to meet the industry’s most demanding standards.


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