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Frameless glass hardware fittings

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Glass door hardware accessories category: door clip

1. The material characteristics of the glass door itself, so whether it is a framed glass door or a frameless glass door, it is necessary to cooperate with different specifications of door clamps to achieve opening and closing. The door clamp is one of the important types of glass door hardware accessories. The glass door is fixed in all directions, which protects the glass door and window and keeps the glass door from deviating from the track.

2. Types of hardware accessories for glass doors: door locks Door locks and door handles for glass doors are separate. For security reasons, it is more appropriate to use door locks on door handles. Door locks of different materials are different, and this must be taken into account when selecting.

3. Types of glass door hardware accessories: hinge hinges Hinge hinges are the type of glass door hardware accessories that all door products must go to. They are the key to connecting door leafs and door frames. However, due to the characteristics of different door products, the hinges used by various doors are different, and the hinges for glass doors need to use special glass door hinges.


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