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Glass curtain wall hardware for sale

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In the strictest architectural terms. "Curtain wall" means that any non-load bearing exterior wall is suspended from the floor surface. Regardless of its structure or coating material. But, in common usage, the term curtain wall usually refers to a system. That carries glass, panels, louvers, or , granite or marble aluminum frames.


"Stick" curtain wall systems are shipped in batches for on-site manufacturing and / or assembly. These can be provided by the manufacturer. To "stock length" for cutting, processing, assembling and sealing on site. They can also be assembled and sealed on site in pre-machined "knocked down" (KD) parts in the factory. as long as. All pole curtain walls are site-glazed. Frame assembly requires one of the following two methods: a) "Shear block" to connect the vertical frame frame and the horizontal frame frame. Or b) a "spiral spline" structure. The assembly fastener passes through the interlocking vertical mullions to feed the holes into the horizontal squeeze seat.


The performance of any field assembly or field glass curtain wall can only reach the field process level. Limited by variables such as weather, access, and dust at the job site. Even in systems designed to drain or "dry out" rainwater from the system and back to the outside. Many critical seals are also required.


To complete as many of these critical seals as possible under controlled plant conditions. And cut dependence on scarce and expensive field labor. Has developed a "unit" curtain wall system

Modular curtain walls are assembled and glazed in the factory. It is then transported to the job site in units 1 inch wide by 1 storey high. Field-to-seal only requires a unit-to-unit joint. Each mullion requires only one anchor to attach to the surface or top of the floor. Interlocking combined curtain wall frame members are weathered. Can be sealed to each other in horizontal and vertical directions. This accommodates thermal expansion and contraction, differential motion between layers, concrete creep, column shortening, and / or seismic motion. Most modular curtain wall systems are installed around each floor in order from the bottom to the top of the building.


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