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Swimming pool fence for sale

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Security fence for houses and public swimming pools. No rust! Restrictions are spread across the United States. Always check your HOS or local building code.

In fact, even within the same city. They can also be different. Many jurisdictions follow BOCA national regulations in some form. Some jurisdictions strictly follow BOCA, others follow BOCA in part. But other jurisdictions (especially many rural areas in the United States) do not follow at all and there are no restrictions. Contact your homeowner before purchasing and installing a swimming pool fence. Contact your insurance company and / or your local building code. To learn about restrictions in your area, if any.

We ship high-quality, rust-free aluminum fences to homeowners, resorts, hotels, and public community pools across the United States. We are proud supplier of various fence safety fences. We can meet almost any type of application or need. Below we provide you with all the BOCA requirements for pool fences. If your jurisdiction requires you to adhere to BOCA, we will serve you. If not, we can help you too!

The purpose of this rule is to make it difficult for children to use a fence / fence as a ladder. And climb up obstacles. And, because it requires 45 inches of open space. Thus, 48-inch-high STYLE 9 or STYLE 3 cannot be used. For both styles, you must increase the panel and door height to 54 inches. The only 48-inch-high style that meets this rule is our STYLE 10 residential, commercial or industrial version. You are free to order the pool style you want. Be sure to check local building codes in your area. To strictly adhere to BOCA, you can choose from the following options:

The swimming pool wall is a distinctive feature of any hotel. But, as the owner, you should ensure that it is a safe area. Especially for children and pets. We value safety as much as you do. Drowning is a serious problem. Fences and gates for residential, commercial and industrial use ensure the safety of family, pets and guests. We offer products that not only meet your pool safety needs. And value for money.

Made of quality materials

Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals in the world. Because of this low density material is lightweight. So with or without professional help. You can easily install DIY pool fences. Despite its heavy weight, it does not affect the strength of the fence.

Our aluminum pool fences are very durable and resistant to corrosion. It does not become brittle at low temperatures. So you can leave the fence like winter. Don't worry about its condition. Although it is normal for aluminum to expand when exposed to extremely high heat. But our fences are resistant to high temperatures. And the degree of expansion is lower than a typical aluminum fence.

Compliant protection

The aluminum fences we provide follow the codes set by the International Building Official Code Administrator (BOCA). Limits vary by state and city. So we make sure to check your local building codes before delivering your order. This way, you won't end up with an unusable DIY pool fence.

Child safety pool supplement

The children were curious. Even equipped with high quality pool fences. Children still have a chance to play and finally open the door. So don't let them take risks. Get our child safety accessories and your aluminum fence now. The following are the requirements for swimming pool doors:

Magna latch pool door lock

The design of this magnetic self-locking door lock is ingenious. Extend above the fence. Thus children cannot reach the release knob. For added security, its keys are lockable. Does not pull off forcefully.

Door hinges that close 

This spring-loaded hinge can be fast. Automatically closes single and double doors. Easy to install and adjust. It will not rust, sag or discolor. This reduces the need for regular replacement.

installation tips

Use our straight, horizontal or vertical mounting brackets when mounting fence panels to your own existing structures (houses, buildings, walls, columns). You may need to trim the rails so that the spacing between the last vertical pickets is less than 4 inches. Every fence board and your structure. Use any hacksaw or metal blade electric saw. Both can easily trim the rails of the fence panel on site.


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