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How To Choose Architectural Hardware Fittings

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Architectural Hardware Fittings

We will apply various architectural hardware fittings in the process of new house decoration. Many cabinets, as well as screen windows and door cabinets, will use various types of hardware products, mainly including exterior door locks, handle locks, drawer locks, balls In addition to these more common hardware products, such as type door locks, what do you know about architectural hardware fittings? How to choose architectural hardware fittings?

First of all, let’s take a look at the variety of architectural hardware fittings. Especially when decorating, they are more inclined to use sliding doors. There are also pulley designs, manufacturing levels, and track designs that match it. You can choose high-quality architectural hardware fittings, and also when choosing locks, it is recommended to choose products with a heavy hand feel. It is very important to choose a hardware product of better quality. At the same time, you also need to see if it is smooth and smooth, without spots, and then repeatedly use the key to open it and see the lock. The sensitivity of the core spring.

For the safety of the room, locks have become an indispensable product at home. In our daily life, we always see various drawer locks, electronic locks, etc., and door and window handles are also relatively common. In some drawers, cabinet doors, or It can be seen in the glass door. There is also the hardware of doors and windows, such as glass hinges, corner hinges, hinges, rails, and anti-theft buckles, beading, touch beads, magnetic touch beads, etc., which are relatively common architectural hardware fittings. In addition, there are universal wheels, cabinet legs, door noses, air ducts, stainless steel trash can lights during decoration, and some pliers, screwdrivers, tape measures, and wire pliers are also more common. 

Generally speaking, choose architectural hardware fittings, the heavier the material, the thicker the material. At the same time, You also need to see whether its appearance is delicate and smooth, which is very important.


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