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How to choose hardware fittings for decoration?

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How to choose hardware fittings for decoration?

How should decorate hardware choose and buy is the trouble of a lot of people, because this is a very complicated thing, big to building materials, furniture,

 sanitary ware, small to door locks, door hinges, door suction, bath towel and these can't be little hardware accessories, hardware accessories of choose 

and buy, be sure to choose sealing good hinges, hardware in the decoration fees accounted for about three percent to five percent, the proportion is small 

but it should not be ignored.


Door door lock: play the role of insurance security, so also known as insurance lock or anti - theft lock.

Bedroom lock: lock the insurance inside, outside must use the key to open, suitable for bedroom and balcony door.


Consumers want to choose copper core, but should pay attention to some of the core is plastic, only in the core head covered with a layer of copper "copper 

core". Full copper nickel plating and iron nickel plating the appearance of almost the same, but the price difference is very big, general full copper belt belt 

mute, iron belt without mute, close look at the full copper fine workmanship, iron work rough. When the ball is installed, such as the core is not in place, it is 

easy to go wrong in use. Now there is a kind of backhand closure, handle gently lift, can be closed, very convenient, but easy to lock the key in the house.

Now, the fastest selling is the hand lock, spherical lock out of date, generally not used. Relatively speaking, when turning the harness, the lower the sound,

 the better. Turn the handle a little, and the tongue should follow up a little. In terms of key shape, the pit key latch is more secure than the tooth key latch, 

but if the pit key is lost, it must be supplied to the original manufacturer. The greater the number of square tongue clips, the better the safety.



Handle from the material to have a single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc. From the shape of the tube, bar, spherical and a variety of geometric

 shapes; From the style to have a single type, double - headed type, exposed type, enclosed, etc. Divide already from the design already more avant-garde 

or recreational, also have with rope or condole bead type nostalgic handle.


Handle useful screw and gluing two kinds of fixed way, generally with screw fixed firm, gluing is not practical. All stainless steel handle and stainless steel 

plated handle appearance is similar, can be tried out by magnet. Shake handshandle must pay attention to the design, function and place of furniture when 

choosing to match, generally speaking, the relation of shake handshandle and furniture has two kinds of processing principle roughly, either be marked, or be concealed. 


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