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How to maintain ambry hardware fittings?

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How to maintain ambry hardware fittings?

Ambry is the kitchen in our home is indispensable, it is holding very important position, custom-made ambry also has big and small thing, especially detail 

problem, after installing ambry, must notice to a few hardware fittings maintain with caretaking.

thereare three things need to notes:


Hinge is our ambry door plank of cabinet put oneself in another's position connection repeatedly opening and closing one of the important parts, the quality 

of the hinge decides the ambry often use key role will appear quality problem, so our hinge choice is especially important, in addition we purchase 

requirements should be natural and smooth, and no sound of hinge, even back stretch effect is better.

The maintenance of the hinge should pay attention to keep the cabinet dry, be sure to avoid hinge in the humid environment, had better 2, 3 months or so 

time to hinge regularly on the point of oil, more conducive to the opening and closing of the cabinet door, if found that the hinge has rust or has broken the 

place, to replace in time.


2.Slippery course

The design of ambry also there are lots of places use slippery course, such as whether the push and pull of the drawer can withstand twitch back and forth 

for a long period of time, it depends on the slippery course quality, the slippery course on market has a variety of styles, good slide to pull the drawer, there 

is no any green or allow yourself to feel easy feeling, determine the slide rail can be used for a long time, you can forcibly with the hand a little pressure on 

the drawer, if there is a loose feeling the drawer or flip, rattling.

If the track is maintained, it is also necessary to add lubricating oil regularly so that the track can maintain a better operation for a long time. Besides, it is also

 necessary to check the track regularly to see if there is any small dust garbage on the track. If there is any garbage, it will be cleaned up in time, otherwise it 

will be a kind of wear on the track and affect its service life.

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3.Shake handshandle

Handle is not only as a cabinet hardware accessories, is used in many other furniture, so choose to handle in the material has a variety of optional, wood, 

stainless steel, iron, copper, gold, etc., in general the shake handshandle of ambry and ambry is necessary, as long as no collision damage, shake 

handshandle is generally no problem.For the maintenance of the handle need to often check there is no loose, if there is, to tighten the screw, a long time 

often loose phenomenon, it is proved that the screw should be changed, usually pay attention to the cleaning of the handle, to keep it clean, after all, the 

handle is also used in more places.


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