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Point fixed glass wall fittings

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Point fixed glass wall fittings represent a deeper knowledge in façade engineering. especially when special spider glass curtain walls are involved. Omit point fixing glass, there are many realized items in its records. Including glass fins, tension rods, pre-stressed cables, etc. LongWing's fixed-point glass window system and spider wall have established our leadership and changed the way of thinking of buildings. such as "high-tech" curtain walls, canopies, and atriums. Spot glass windows and spider glass walls provide great transparency and unique design solutions. The substructure of the glass curtain wall can be introduced in many ways.

Steel substructure, substructure with glass fins, substructure with prestressed stainless steel tension rods, substructure with prestressed stainless steel cables, etc.

LongWing provides energy-efficient curtain walls, building envelopes, solar shading systems, structural glass, cladding and roofing materials. And complex SPIDER glass curtain walls. LongWing can design, deliver and install these innovative "high-tech" solutions as needed. These solutions can be used in any type of BUILDING project, involving building facades and building envelopes.


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