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Poor Selection Of Glass Hardware Fittings For The Bathroom May Ruin Your Home.

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Poor selection of glass hardware fittings for the bathroom may ruin your home.

In many cases, people only focus on the quality of doors and windows in the process of home improvement but ignore the quality of door and window hardware accessories. Some things can be saved, and some things must not be downgraded. glass hardware fittings are small, but its importance, like the bones and joints of the human body, is a key factor in determining the service life of furniture products. From cabinets, living room tables, wardrobes, poor hardware selection, it may ruin your house

Bathroom racks

The bathroom is very humid. The daily wash water, bathwater, and the entire bathroom are in contact with humid air. The bathroom shelf can be made of 304 stainless steel, which is not easy to rust, and the waterproof effect has reached IP65 or above. If you choose space aluminum material, it is easy to rust, and the surface coating is very fragile. As long as the coating is broken a little bit, large areas of corrosion will occur. Choosing the decorative hardhware fitting  of the bathroom shelf is as important as the bones and joints of the human body.


The shower is one of the most worthwhile investment items at home. After working for a day, take a comfortable hot bath at home and full of energy. As long as a week of hard work, you can exchange this comfort. It depends on whether the electroplating layer on the surface is bright and smooth, indicating that the quality is good and the spraying is uniform. The spraying method can bring a variety of expected shower pleasure.

In short, no matter what kind of glass hardware fittings are purchased, don't downgrade consumption to save money.


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