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Precautions For Installing Glass Hardware Fittings

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Glass Hardware Fittings

There are many kinds of glass hardware fittings. What problems should be paid attention to when installing glass hardware fittings.

1. The glass hardware fittings should choose the appropriate size, otherwise it may not be installed, even if it is reluctantly installed, it will cause inconvenience in use. For example, if the floor spring specifications are selected and cannot bear the weight of the glass door, it will cause the glass door to fall to the ground, which will seriously damage the glass door and cause harm to personnel.

2. When installing the glass hardware fittings, you must install them according to the overall design of the glass door. For example, the upper and lower door clamps must be kept in a horizontal position, otherwise the glass door leaf cannot be installed. In order for the glass door to work normally, the installation angle needs to be corrected repeatedly.

3. Be careful when installing glass hardware fittings, especially the part in contact with the glass door, because if you apply too much force, the glass door will be crushed, so install the glass door fittings lightly.

There are many places we need to pay attention to when installing glass hardware fittings, and because the glass door has a rich classification of accessories, including floor springs or some hinges, some of them can ensure safety, and some can achieve clean and beautiful appearance. Some of them support consumers to open and close or close more easily, so although they are small in size, they are important and indispensable.


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