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Silver Wire for Common Problems in Injection Molding

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Silver wire is a silver stripe formed by low molecular volatiles, water vapor and other gases on the surface of injection moulding parts.


1. The raw material is wet and contains too much water.

2. Residual moisture in die cavity

3. There are residual lubricants and release agents in the die cavity.

4. Foreign Material Mixed in the Ingredient

5. The wall thickness of plastic parts is uneven. When melt flows from thin wall to thick wall, it expands, volatile gasifies and contacts with the die surface to form silver wire.

Terms of settlement:

1. Drying raw materials to make them fully dry

2. Dry the inner wall of the die to keep it dry.

3. Correct and Rational Use of Demoulding Agent

4. Strictly manage materials and ensure the purity of materials when mixing.

5. Improve the design structure and injection process of the mould.


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