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some knowledge of Piston

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some knowledge of piston

selected material of the piston:

1.The alloy has low coefficient of thermal expansion and volume stability at the time of alternating heat and cold.

2.the alloy has a low density,thus reducing the intertia foece of the piston reciprocating motion.

3.the alloy has enough strength at high temperature,and high temperature thermal fatigue stength and elongation.

4.Under the condition of boundary lubrication, the piston has better wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

5.The piston should have good process property, castability, machinability and good heat treatment effect.

6.The price is cheap.

Blank forming method of piston

The most common production method of aluminum piston blank is the metal mold gravity casting method. In particular, 

the current metal began to use CNC machine tool processing, can ensure that the blank size accuracy is high, but also high productivity, low cost.

For the complex piston cavity, the metal core can be divided into three pieces, five pieces or seven pieces to separate the mold, more complex, use not durable. This kind of gravity casting method, sometimes can produce piston blank hot crack, porosity, pinhole and loose defects.



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