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The Application Of Stainless Steel Hardware Fittings

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In our daily life, We will see many humble gadgets, such as stainless steel hardware fittings. These things seem small, but their use effect is not small. 

It greatly facilitates our daily life and embellishes the quality of life.The peculiar luster of the metal makes the object look more textured and of higher grade, and the strength and life are guaranteed.With some special surface treatment processes, if fully presents your requirements for beauty and expresses your life feeling of chasing the quality of life and workign hard. 

1.Kitchen stainless steel hardware fittings and home appliances: Kitchen cabinet pull basket, cabinet pendant sink, sink faucet, scrubber, range hood (Chinese, European), gas stove, oveen (electric, gas)water heater(electric,gas)

2.Architectural Building hanrdware fitting: universal wheels, cabinet legs, door nose, air pipe, stainless steel trash can, metal suspension 7, plugs, curtain rods, (copper, wood)curtain rod rings (platic, steel),Sealing strips ,high strength piston cylinder body & fittings for auto or Hydraulic work parts, motorcycle exhaust muffler fitting round nuts,Stainless Steel Tube Union Swivel 90 Degree EIbow Pipe Fitting .

The above architectural Building hanrdware fitting,enriched everyone's life, but also improved the aesthetics. After understanding this knowledge, you can rest assured to choose your favorite stainless steel hardware fittings


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