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The development prospects of the construction hardware industry are good

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In recent years, China's construction hardware, automotive electronics, digital technology and other industries have developed rapidly, and the production and sales of the mold industry have become mainstream. The development of the mold industry has become the engine of the metal stamping industry. A few days ago, Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mould Association, said that China's mold industry has continued to develop due to the large demand for molds in machinery, automotive and electronic information industries. China's mold production has maintained a rapid growth of more than 25%; from an international perspective, on the one hand, China's mid-end mold has a strong competitiveness. The proportion of international manufacturers entering our country has increased year by year. On the other hand, the transfer of mold consumption in industrial developed countries to China will slow down, and the mold industry will continue to run at a high speed from low to high.

Market environment with strong demand and demand and good prospects. Many entrepreneurs and investors have actively invested in China's mold industry, of which foreign capital and private capital are still the mainstream. The enthusiasm for investment is generally high, because the cluster industry has the characteristics of convenient cooperation, lowering costs, expanding markets, facilitating exchanges, and enjoying more preferential policies. So bullish on the market. Today, there are more than 50 mold cities, mold parks, and agglomeration industrial bases of considerable scale in the country, and more than 10 are being established, planned, or planned. In addition to the cluster base, some places are still developing mold physical alliances and virtual manufacturing.

With the development of the market economy, the brand effect has become increasingly important, and "operating the brand" has become a very important job for mold companies. It is reported that there are about 10 provincial and municipal-level well-known mold trademarks and brands in the country.

Benefit from the national environment to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry and strong market demand. The domestic machine tool industry has witnessed considerable technological development and enthusiasm for investment.

The level, variety and production capacity of CNC machine tools reflect the country's comprehensive national strength in technology and economy. CNC machine tools are used as strategic equipment for the defense industry. It is the most important manufacturing method for various weapons and equipment, and an important guarantee for the modernization of national defense military equipment. However, revitalizing the CNC machine tool industry has certain difficulties for the machine tool industry.

The R & D and production of CNC machine tools in China will show the following trends:

1. Composite processing technology is more widely used. New types of composite processing machine tools such as turning and milling, milling and turning, lathe, grinding, lathe, gear machining, turning and milling, and 5-axis linkage combined machine tools are constantly emerging. Multifunctional accessories and turntables are added for heavy machine tools. The composite processing trend is obvious. New progress has been made in the combination of metal cutting and special processing, and the combined technology of laser, electric processing and cutting processing has been matured in product promotion and application. The promotion and application of composite processing technology will have an important impact on multi-variety and small-batch production processes.

2. The application speed of direct drive technology is accelerated due to the advancement of power electronics and numerical control technology. As well as the maturity of linear motors, torque motors, electro-spindles, and grating detection. The application of direct drive technology in CNC machine tools has accelerated, and new products from many foreign machine tool companies have been driven by linear motors. The application of direct drive technology will greatly promote the structural change and performance improvement of CNC machine tools.

3. Micro-manufacturing technology is emerging Micro-manufacturing (Inter-Micro) refers to a high-efficiency, green, high-precision new micro-manufacturing technology. Used to process various micro parts in 3D shape. At present, with the funding of the European Union, a research team composed of universities, research institutes and companies from Germany, Italy and other related countries has achieved relevant results. Such as: ultra-precision 5-axis linkage micro diamond and cubic boron nitride tool processing technology and equipment. Micro-manufacturing technology has great application potential and should attract the attention of the industry.


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