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Engineering car washing machine parts

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The engineering vehicle car washing machine uses mechanical automatic induction, remote control and manual control. It can automatically complete the cleaning work. The cleaning water can be recycled. When continuous work, only a small amount of water needs to be added, so a lot of water resources can be saved. The car washing machine is mainly composed of a frame, a roller system, a transmission system, a sludge discharge system, a water supply system and an automatic control system. The main principle is that the roller system drives the tires of the vehicle to be washed. The high pressure of the water spray system strongly cleans the tires. The washed sludge is settled into the sedimentation tank. The flocculant is added to make the dirt coagulate, and then discharged by the sludge system. It is suitable for the cleaning of transportation vehicles such as unearthed construction sites and particularly dirty coal mines. Different types can be selected according to actual needs.

The natural damage of the mechanical parts of the engineering vehicle car washing machine can be divided into three categories: wear, mechanical damage and chemical thermal damage, during which wear is the primary reason for the change in mechanical skills throughout the country. During the wear, scratches or dents, uniform wear, and uneven wear are included. Abrasion occurs in friction. Friction and abrasion occur concomitantly. To prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to prevent the direct contact of the parts' conflicting appearance. Participating in the appropriate amount of lubricant in the conflicting appearance can prevent the occurrence of wear. There are several ways of mechanical damage: cracks, cracks, grooves, peeling, breaking and breaking (fatigue formation), twisting, and distortion of engineering car wash machines. Chemical heat damage is mainly due to chemical corrosion media during the use and storage of machinery Chemical or electrical reactions occur, causing corrosion damage to parts.

Generally, the failure of parts is generally investigated from the following points: poor quality of equipment, poor quality of production, poor repair quality, improper repair and adjustment of engineering car wash machine, unreasonable use, violation of operating rules, poor quality of parts, improper storage of parts, transportation Damage etc. The main reason for the change of mechanical skills caused by the use process is the formation of wear; the main cause of the change of mechanical skills caused by the storage process is the formation of corrosion; in dry areas, because there is a lot of dust, the engineering vehicle car washing machine simply accelerates the abrasiveness Wear; chemically corroded in wet areas.


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