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What are the classifications of glass clips?

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With the use of frameless glass doors has become a trend. Hardware accessories such as glass clips have emerged as the times must. Different glass clamps have different functions and functions. Faced with so many styles, how can an engineering company choose the right one?

Long Wing introduces the classification of bathroom clamps. Bathroom clips made of different materials will vary in quality and price. It is roughly divided into copper bathroom clamps, stainless steel 304, 201 # bathroom clamps, and zinc alloy bathroom clamps. The corner bathroom clamp is also an automatic closing device. For different bathroom designs, there are 180-degree opening and closing, 135-degree, 90-degree, and 25-degree corner design on the shape. Includes right angle, beveled and curved bathroom clamps Features include glass clamps for fixing glass to the wall. Fixing clips used in glass rooms and surface treatment of partition codes. General bathroom clip surface treatments include sanding (brushed), electroplating (mirror) and titanium. Through the above introduction, I hope you can learn more about glass hardware.

Definition of laminated glass: Laminated glass is a kind of safety glass made of two or more pieces of glass bonded with synthetic resin. The original sheet of laminated glass can be ordinary glass. It can also be tempered glass, semi-tempered glass, coated glass, endothermic glass, heat bent glass, etc. The most used intermediate organic material is PVB (polyvinyl butyral). There are also methyl methacrylate, silicone, polyurethane and so on. When the outer glass is broken due to the impact, the fragments are glued and only radial cracks are formed. hich will not cause injuries or death due to debris flying. At present, it has two main production methods: film method (dry method) and grout method (wet method), but currently dry method production is the mainstream.

Classification of laminated glass:

1. Bulletproof glass. It is a combination of many pieces of transparent flat glass with different thicknesses and many pieces of PVB film. This glass has higher toughness when it comes into contact with the glass. Their impact may be weakened to a very low level or to zero. So it cannot penetrate. Generally bulletproof glass can be used as military defense. uard glass for bank counters, display cabinets for precious items such as gold and silver jewelry, etc.

2. Riot and burglar alarm glass. This is a kind of transparent and strong glass, which cannot be destroyed by simple tools at all, which can prevent theft. It is usually glass made of many layers of high-strength organic transparent materials and glued layer materials. To give early warning performance, a metal mesh can also be sandwiched in the glue layer. And embedded with visible light, infrared, temperature, pressure and other sensors and alarm devices. Mainly used in bank vaults, weapon warehouses, cultural relics warehouses and display cabinets, counters for valuable goods, etc.

3. Fire-resistant glass. Is a new type of functional materials for construction. Has good light transmission and fire retardant properties. Fire-resistant laminated glass can be further divided into composite fire-resistant glass and pouring fire-resistant glass according to the characteristics of the production process.


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