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What Are The Glass Curtain Wall Fittings?

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glass curtain wall fittings

In this article, we will introduce the glass curtain wall fittings of the exposed frame.

First, install the rear patch panel in the early stage (if there are embedded parts, this item will be ignored), use chemical anchor bolts and expansion bolts, and a set of chemical anchor bolts has agents, screws, flat washers, and nuts. Expansion bolts have flat washers and spring washers , Nut.

Second, install the glass vertical aluminum keel, generally use a steel adapter to connect, use a 2mm rubber spacer between the steel adapter and the aluminum keel to isolate, connect by screw, generally use M12 stainless steel screw, the size is obtained through calculation, Match two flats, one pop and one nut.

Third, the beam installation is generally fixed by a screw rod with angle aluminum, usually with an M6 stainless steel screw, with two flats, one spring and one nut.

Fourth, if it is a hidden frame curtain wall, then glass briquettes will be used when installing the glass. The fixing method of the glass briquettes depends on the form of the column and the beam, generally M6 self-tapping nails and M6 stainless steel bolts, stainless steel bolts Equipped with one level, one pop and one nut. If it is an exposed frame curtain wall, this item will not be available.

These are the hardware used in general conventional glass curtain walls (except point glass).


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