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What cabinet hardware includes

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What does the cabinet hardware include? In fact, for the overall cabinet, there are a lot of hardware, and some hardware is also very important. So what is the method of purchasing cabinet hardware? The following editors will take you to understand.


    The hinge is what we commonly call a hinge. In the frequent opening and closing of cabinet doors, the hinge is the most tested. Most of the hinges currently on the market are detachable, divided into two parts, the base and the buckle.

    2.Drawer slide

    Whether the drawer can be pushed and pulled freely and smoothly, to what extent, how much load, whether it will tilt, all depends on the support of the slide rail. From the current technology point of view, the bottom rail is better than the side rail, and the overall connection with the drawer is better than the three-point connection. When choosing a cabinet, the quality of the steel of the slide rail is also the most important. A good cabinet drawer can be pulled out without falling over and it is easy to disassemble.

    3, hanging code

    In the cabinet hardware, the hanging pendant is the main force supporting the hanging cabinet. The hanging piece is fixed on the wall, and the hanging code is fixed on the left and right upper corners of the hanging cabinet. After hanging up, it can be adjusted up and down and back and forth. Finally, the 'cabinet combiner' can be installed to ensure the quality and use effect.

    4, feet

    The kitchen floor is relatively moist, and high-quality metal feet are moisture-proof and extend the life of the cabinet. Inferior cabinets in the market use recycled plastic feet. Due to aging, the cabinets will lose balance and collapse, causing the artificial stone countertops to break, and the cabinets can no longer be used.

    How to buy cabinet hardware

    The details of the cabinet are also very important. After grasping the overall style and selection of materials in the general direction, the details must not be ignored. Pay attention to the following points in the purchase of cabinet hardware:


    Although the handle is only a small part of the cabinet surface, its combination can also be the finishing touch of the cabinet. The cabinet handles of different styles cannot be generalized. For example, the copper handles with fine patterns are often suitable for European-style decoration, while the rustic-style decoration is matched with ceramic The handle feels fresher.

    2.Pull basket

    Although the pull basket has always been hidden in the cabinet, it is these hidden elements that can inadvertently reveal the owner's fashion taste. The choice of the pull basket pays attention to the texture on the one hand, but also needs to pay attention to the design. The reasonable division of the storage space can Make cabinets more functional.


    Cabinet doors often open and close, so the hinge quality of the cabinet directly determines the ease of use. It should be noted that when buying hinges, it is better to choose a large brand with a good reputation, so that there can be sufficient quality assurance, so that Make sure there is no problem with the overall quality of the cabinet.


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