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What is construction hardware?

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Did you ever wonder how many computers and computing devices there are in the world? According Gartner Research, there were 2 billion PCs in the world as of 2007. And this figure did not include handheld devices like tablets and smartphones. If you move forward in time 7 years to 2014, the number of connected computing devices exceeded the global population for the first time in history. The number of computing devices in use continues to rise to this day, where there are estimated to be about 8.5 billion and counting, according to GSMA Intelligence.

So, there are more computers and smartphones than there are people on this planet. That means there is a much greater number of hardware components. And they are made from a wide range of materials, including various metals, plastics and alloys. But what are they exactly? Where do they come from? Are any of the raw materials rare? Are any of the crucial materials running out? (Image courtesy of Lifehacker.)

The raw materials that make up the manufactured hardware components which are then assembled into this huge number of computer electronics devices (smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, workstations) make up the most sophisticated and complex supply chain system in human history. This post will cover some of the major hardware components in computer electronics hardware and trace the materials and processes used to manufacture them, but it would take a huge tome to cover everything in great detail.


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