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Where to buy construction hardware

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As someone who grew up in a rental property, it is unusual for me to see houses being renovated or built from ground up.

But it also amazes me that I’m excited to watch the carpenters (my relatives) build a house. I once went down on the hole for the foundation; it was so deep the ground is higher than my mischievous head increasing my height to 4 feet. (From then on I didn’t grow that much.)

I still have the same amazement, probably even more, because we are going to build our own house. We finally bought a house and lot in the city. I’m like a child again having the same excitement (or more) knowing that we had to make home renovation.

Although I wouldn’t be there to watch the progress and changes, I’ll be doing what I do best from where I am. Research is my forte. Before we start the construction, my family will plan and discuss everything about building a house in the Philippines. Everyone’s idea matters and deserve to be heard. (Can we add a small pond for our old, thriving turtle?)

My first task and contribution to our family’s project is to find out where to buy construction materials in the Philippines. Your recommendation is highly needed right now so do leave a comment.

Here are the places that I found online where Filipinos can buy construction materials.

Top Hardware Stores

I’m glad to find out that there are growing number of hardware stores in the Philippines. Just like here in Canada, the stores in the Philippines are one-stop shop for every imaginable home construction or renovation.

Some are located in Manila while others are in provinces. While I can browse the websites, only few have prices or photos. For other websites, you will have to ask for a quote online or call the hardware store branch.

1. Wilcon Depot

It is the first store recommended by my sibling. It is well-known because it has 41 stores nationwide. I checked the website and found that most of the products don’t have photos and description.

2. MC Home Depot

I spent a great deal of time reading the blog posts which I highly recommend.

Both Wilcon and MC Home Depot’s websites have missing products’ photos and description. As a consumer we do want to know what comes with the price that we are paying for. In spite of some drawbacks, I guess it would be worth visiting the three branches of MC Home Depot in Luzon area.


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